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Class of 2025

Cindy Nahhas, MD


Undergrad: University of Illinois at Chicago

Medical School: University of Illinois

Interest: Hiking, working out, time at the lakefront, cooking, painting

Hometown: Skokie, IL

Bhavik Patel, MD


Undergrad: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Medical School: University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Interest: Basketball, international soccer, UCLA sports, hiking/being outside, vegetarian food

Hometown: Orange, CA

Neal Naveen, MD


Undergrad: Miami Ohio (Oxford, OH)

Medical School: Indiana University

Interest: Lifting, traveling, working on cars, fixing elecgtronics, going to Costco

Hometown: Sylvania, OH

Michael Patetta, MD


Undergrad: Clemson University

Medical School: South Carolina - Columbia

Interest: College Football, Lifting, Hiking, Golf

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Dmitry Peresada, MD


Undergrad: Loyola University Chicago

Medical School: University of Illinois

Interest: Running, snowboarding, travel, live music, reading, chess, grilling

Hometown: Skokie, IL


Anshum Sood, MD

Undergrad: University of California - Berkeley

Medical School: University of Maryland

Interest: Basketball, working out, sneakers, eating, spine

Hometown: Folsom, CA

Luke Zabawa, MD


Undergrad: Washington University St. Louis

Medical School: University of Illinois

Interest: Soccer, boating, camping/hiking, reading

Hometown: Collinsville, IL

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