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Applicant Information

Response to COVID for Applicants

Due to the current situation with COVID interfering with medical students' abilities to do away rotations and in-person interviews, the University of Illinois at Chicago Orthopaedic Residency is opening our weekly Wednesday morning didactics (virtually on Zoom from 6:00-10:00 am CST) to any and all interested 4th year medical students applying into Orthopaedic Surgery Residency this cycle.


We want to be clear that this is for informational purposes only so you can gain some insight into our program. Attendance will not be tracked in any way, nor will it be used to determine interview invitations. The attendee list and invitation to the Zoom meeting is controlled by the outgoing chief residents and will not be shared with the interview selection committee. Additionally, once applications are finalized by ERAS in October we will cease sharing the link out of fairness to all applicants.


This is a very informal setup, you can join as many or as few sessions as you wish, or parts of individual sessions if you have other time commitments, and there is no formal scheduled "rotation." Additionally, if you would like to speak with any residents about the program we are happy to facilitate that as well. We will also look to have 2-3 "Open House" sessions with several residents available to answer questions in a group setting.


If you are interested, e-mail from your .edu e-mail address and we will add you to the weekly invitation list.

Additionally, we have added a new section to our page called "A Day in the Life" where residents describe their typical day so you can get to know our program and residents a bit. Check it out here!

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